K9 For you Inc. Adoption Process

Adopting a forever friend is easy! 

We ask that you fill out an application online.  Please be sure to include all the information requested so that your application can be promptly processed.  Once your application has been processed, we will arrange for a home visit so that we can ensure the dog is going to be in a safe and loving home.  Our dogs have not had an easy life, so their happiness is as important as yours.  Once we determine that the dog you have selected is the right dog for you, we will arrange a meeting with you and the dog to finalize the contract.  Once the legal and binding contract is signed, the dog will be turned over to you.

We would like to stay in contact with you once the adoption process is completed.  For the first month we will check in with you to see how the dog and you are adjusting.  If, for any reason, the adoption is not satisfactory, the dog will be returned to K9 For You Inc., Inc., according to our written contract.  The adopted dog must not be sold or given away to anyone over the course of its lifetime.

The donation for adopting a dog ranges depending on the cost of veterinary care and treatment while in our care.

The adoption process usually takes 7 to 10 days.  Please understand we receive many requests and do our best to match every dog to a home that is best for him or her.  Please be patient and work with us.  We all want to find these wonderful dogs equally wonderful homes!


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