Happy Tails

These our some of K9 For you Inc.successful adoptions. We have adopted out hundreds of dogs since we have been an organization.
With your help you can provide a home for a dog in need. If you have adopted one of our great dogs,
please send us some photos and something great about your new family member.

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Dear Delcie,
Pictures of our family. As you can see, he has fit in perfectly. He (Danny) is the best dog!!!!! We enjoy him, he brings such sunshine into our home.
Thank You!


I wanted to send you some recent photos of Izak. We love him dearly and he is doing really great.
He is a very special addition to our family. He has gained 5 pounds since he came to live with us almost one month
ago and has been a very good dog. He is very smart and seems to pick up on commands quickly. He is good walking on
a leash and goes for walks every morning and evening with his new best buddy shown here, our 2 year old dog Max. Thank you for all you do to help abandoned and neglected animals find loving homes.
We are proud to be Izak's forever home and to give his story a happy ending! We will keep you posted on his progress.

-Laurie and Terry Frake


Hello Delcie and Sharon!
Things are going so well with Marlin, I absolutely adore her!  She is so smart and is already potty trained, knows sit and down, walks on a leash like a champ, and is learning her manners (sitting, not jumping to say hi =).  She is so sweet and cuddly, we go for a walk in the morning and a walk at night when it cools off and she's made tons of friends along the way.  I'm having so much fun with her!  I found a wonderful vet who was able to get her initial belly troubles under control and she's finished with her third round of shots. 

I will definitely keep my ears open for someone to take Marlin's sister!  I wish I could take her myself so Mar could have a play pal!!  Do you know anything else about they're background?  Delcie said maybe Australian Cattle Dog?  Do you know anything about either of the parents or when they were born?  My guesses so far have been Husky, German Shepherd, and/or Border Collie/Australian Shepherd...

Anyway, enjoy the pictures!  She's happy as a little bug, spoiled rotten, and growing like a weed! Thanks!

Lucy is doing great!!  she is such a sweet little girl...I am happy to say she finally seems to be healthy and is adapting very well to life with us!!  she brings us much joy, laughter and peace.. great addition to our house.   I am not able to commit to monthly donation, but I will help with a donation...at some point.  After Lucy needing the worm treatment and finishing our fence I need to pay the credit card...but after that.
One of the pictures is with her friend Katie that was staying with us for 2 weeks...she enjoyed the company!

I hope all is going well with your rescue efforts.

 -Julie, Paulo & Lucy



I just wanted to give you an update on Riley and send you some recent photos. 
Riley is doing very well.  So far he's been to the vet twice; once for a micro chip and the other for a routine visit.  His bowel movements were still very loose and frequent, so we brought it up to the vet who changed his food to the
Hills W/D and put him on some medication for a week.  This seems to have really helped, and has also helped with house training.

He is a very friendly, social dog.  He warms up to everyone he meets and always wants to play.  We took him to the dog park over the weekend and he had the chance to play with some puppies his age who thoroughly wore him out.  Everyone who meets him tells us how cute he is.  He seems very happy here and we are as well. 

We have your crate and other accessories ready to return.  We are going camping with Riley and friends this weekend, but we will call to get everything back to you next weekend. Attached are some pictures, feel free to use them on the
website or for whatever.

-Dustin, Mara and Riley

This is a picture of Sander now called Chewbacca, Chewie for short! He is adorable, and is very good in our home. Thank you for the gift of a new member of our family.  We love him so much.
-Linda & Ray
Boynton Beach

Dear  Delcie,
Here are some pictures of Chance (Joey is his K94U name) - he has settled in better than we expected with the rest of the pack. Housebroken within three days and sits and comes on command - he's constantly amazing us with how smart he is!

Molly has become his best buddy and they spend a lot of time together playing and wrestling. Chance has even been able to persuade the oldest dog, Shadow into playing chase with him. He hasn't been brave enough to go all the way into the pool, he just hangs out on the top of the steps and sometimes even goes in to the first step and waits for Zeke to come back so he can steal Zeke's ball. Thank you.
-Joanna J Koellhoffer





Hi Delcie,
Received your letter and happy to say that Diamond is doing very well. She has settled in with our family and she is very content and happy! She  has a great personality, friendly and playful. She loves the attention. Her favorite activity is going to school every day and visiting the kids. I think everyone at Jensen Beach Elementary knows Diamond!! She is very close to me and I love her dearly! Enjoy the pictures !! Will try to help with donations as well, you are an angel, helping these unfortunate animals to find good homes! 


Dear Delcie and Jessica,
Thank you so much for your hospitality and your kind gestures with this procedure of adopting Duke. Duke now goes by the name of Rocky and it is working much better primarily since it has two syllables. My family and especially I, are thrilled to have Rocky as a part of our family. He is so smart it makes it a real pleasure to care for him. Only having two days with him is already responding to his new name, proper potty training, listens and obeys commands, usually the first time, and much more pleasing behaviors. His personality gives many people laughs and smiles and we all look forward to coming home to his energy. I understand the severity of our arrangement will put forth my end of the bargain to assure that this adoption was not a mistake on your part. Thank you for the generous card and training video. I look forward to giving you the wonderful feedback on Rocky. My mother is making future plans to fence the sides of the house completely as soon as possible. This dog obviously acquired such a personality from the proper training and care of his foster care takers Chris McGrey and his awesome spouse.

Once again thank you for everything, including Rocky.

-Alexander Gil                


Thank you for finding us the perfect dog! Benny has made our lives very happy, he is the smartest and happiest dog we have ever had, and he now has a chance to have a good life!
-Keila & Greg

Belle2_v1.jpg Belle is a sweet and loving wonderful creature who brings us joy and happiness at every turn.  In the six and one half short weeks since we adopted her, she has become a treasured family member.  It was by chance through a magazine article that we became aware of her situation,  and for that we are truly grateful since she is a superb animal deserving of a good life.
-Sandy & Barry

Melissa ("Missy") is wonderful! What a fantastic girl she is - and we're in love with her! We feel blessed to have her in our lives! She has brought so much joy to us and is very much a part of our family. Mellissa.jpg
She loves the pool and especially loves to go out in the boat with us. She loves to jump off the back and swim around. When we make her get back in the boat to rest, she can't wait to get back in the water! Such a character! She loves to play ball as well and goes on a 2 mile walk almost everyday! Good for all of us!
She started out in her own bed - but now sleeps with us! And we don't mind one bit! She is such a sweetheart! So "good-natured"!

Thank you so much for doing what you do! You're a very special person and I keep you in my prayers!
- Toni

Nicky2.jpg I adopted Nicky this July, after I met him and immediately fell in love! He is such a good boy and so full of love. I was a little concerned that my 16 year old Bichion, Shadow, would be upset by our new addition. Now I come home and catch them snoozing together. I've even seen Shadow play with Nicky...it is something that I have not seen Shadow do in 7 years! When you find the perfect match, it is just that....perfect!
- Deven

Brian and I just wanted to update you on the progress of our german shepherd, Schotzie (Ula was her K94U name). Schotzie has been the greatest addition to our family. She is so loving and affectionate and we could not imagine a more perfect dog for us. She was completely house trained in 3 days and learned to sit and rollover within 2 weeks, but we are all looking forward to starting obediance classes in a few days. Schotzie loves to jump in the car with us and head to the beach or to see her Mellissa.jpgbuddies at the dog park. She ends her day by curling up next to us and chewing on her favorite bone until she finally goes to sleep (on her back, paws up in the air...it is so cute). Thank you for a simple adoption process and for bringing this amazing puppy into our lives.

-Denise & Brian Lester
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